Synergy Partners has joined forces with one of the largest factoring operations in the United States, converting over 500 companies’ accounts receivable into cash daily. Historical purchases up to $1 billion annually. This joint venture will allow Synergy Partners to offer yet another product to financial institutions to achieve growth through new accounts, non-interest income, higher profitability, and increased retention.

Benefits of Factoring

  • Generates immediate cash from operations.
  • No restrictive financial covenants.
  • Often an alternative for clients that might otherwise sell equity or seek partners.
  • Clients utilize full benefit of our credit department at no additional cost.
  • Allows clients to take advantage of purchase discounts.
  • De-leveraging effect.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Our fees and rates are typically much lower than other factoring companies (often more than 50%lower) in the industry.
  • Our policies and procedures are under constant scrutiny by regulatory agencies resulting in a more professional approach with customers than some competitors employ in the factoring industry.
  • Debtors can continue making payments to the name of your bank.
  • We do not compete for any banking business. Non-compete language is included in the formal referral agreement.
  • All notification to debtors is presented on your bank’s letterhead.
  • The referral partner has the ability to win ancillary bank services and a long-term relationship with prospective customers that would otherwise not qualify for traditional bank financing.
  • We offer flexible contract terms (90-days to 12-months).
  • Our pricing is calculated from funding date vs. invoice date (many competitors charge from invoice date).
  • We allow the customer to factor as needed. The customer does not have to factor every invoice. We do not have minimum requirements or unused fees.
  • We will waive wire fees if the company referred maintains a depository relationship with the referral source.
  • We will waive the early exit penalty should the company be approved for a traditional loan with the referring bank

People are raving about Synergy

“Having Synergy’s real-time compliance information allows us to deal with regulatory issues BEFORE they become an expensive problem – especially in our mortgage loan closing department. Our employees love working with and learning from Synergy’s compliance experts. Thanks again Synergy for making the world of TRID compliance very easy!”– Kevin, Dominion Mortgage

“With the regulatory environment now more complicated than ever, we really cannot say enough about how easy it is to work with Synergy and its compliance team of advisors as well as its mortgage fulfillment department. We reduced our overhead by 20% by implementing Synergy’s variable cost mortgage fulfillment services. Improved our loan quality too ! Way to go Synergy!”– Jared, Keystone Mortgage